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Welcome to Black Cherry Tattoo Studio

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What makes us the best?

Every artist has their own private room!


Privacy is a huge thing when it comes to getting a tattoo/piercing. You may be nervous or getting something done in a private area so each artist has their own room to make you feel at ease while you're here with us!

Every artist is bloodborne pathogens certified


Cleanliness is one of our top priorities. There are hundreds of bloodborne pathogens out there nowadays and you don't have to fear any of them at Black Cherry!

Custom tattooing


Many of our clients find their tattoo ideas on the internet. We like to change up or create a completly original design for you. The last thing we want is to have 100 other people walking around with the same tattoo as you.

Open 7 days a week!


Some clients can't come in on certain days because of work, school, etc... We understand and can accomadate your schedule by being open everyday, including Sundays.

We use the industries best supplies!


There are so many different tools on the market today. A lot of them aren't very good. We make it a point to put quality over quantity and purchase the highest grade equipment that we can possibly get our hands on. All of our work is guaranteed!

5 of the best artists in the area


The tattooers and piercers that work here live and breathe the tattooing.

We put everything we have into giving you the tattoo of your dreams!

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