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Around The Shop

Black Cherry Tattoo Studio was opened by Ken Fleck in 2012 passed to his wife Leanne Fleck after his passing in 2016 his . BCT is a 2000 square foot tattoo studio that features 5 of the areas best artists! Each artist has their own room so you can get worked on in a very private environment. When you first enter the studio, you will be friendly greeted and have the chance to ask any questions you have. 


Our shop has a super comfortable waiting area with a TV, couches, and books loaded with tattoo ideas. It's the perfect place to keep you and your friends occupied while you wait to get your work done.

Don't know what you wanna get tattooed? That's okay. You can give our "Get what you get" machine a spin. Spin once for $100 and get whatever tattoo comes out. Don't worry, if you don't like the design you can spin again for an extra $20 or third time for an extra $40. All tattoo designs in the machine are worth more than $100. There also a chance to win free T-Shirts or $125 gift certificate.


We take sterilization and cleanliness very seriously here at BCT. Getting a tattoo is a process where we are opening your skin and inserting ink into it. A tattoo is technically minor surgery. Would you go to someone's house or somewhere that didn't have or use the proper tools to do the task you're paying for? At our studio, whatever equipment isn't one time use is sterilized with our medical grade ultrasonic and autoclave. When you come into our shop (or any shop) ask to see how we clean our tools. You have the right to know that the items being used in your procedure are clean and sanitary! If the shop won't let you see how they clean their tools, be very cautious!


Our shop has two long hallways with doors on each side leading into each artist's own private room! Why would you want to go somewhere to be tattooed in front of a bunch of people? You won't feel like you're on display here. You can just sit back and enjoy the privacy of a room with just you and your artist. This makes the process so much easier, especially if you're nervous or are getting work done in a private area!

Here is a little slideshow of each artist's private room!

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